The Hope Legacy: All the chapters here!

Generation 1 - Violet Hope:
Violet is a beautiful, shy girl moving from Riverview to Sunset Valley, to follow her dreams of becoming a doctor and starting her own family.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Sunset Valley!
Chapter 2: Head over heels
Chapter 3: Expect the unexpected
Chapter 4: Me and The Bump
Chapter 5: Amazing Grace
Chapter 6: Busy, busy, busy...
Chapter 7: "You now may kiss the bride."
Chapter 8: Follow your heart
Chapter 9: Missing you.
Chapter 10: Time flies by

Generation 2 - Gracie Hope:
Gracie is the perfect mix of her mother and father. She's a bubbly, friendly cheerleader who loves nothing more than making friends.

Chapter 1: The first day of many
Chapter 2: A disappearing act?
Chapter 3: Growing up
Chapter 4: Infatuation
Chapter 5: What dreams are made of
Chapter 6: One moment in time
Chapter 7: Forever is over
Chapter 8: The final goodbye
Chapter 9: A-MAZ-ING!
Chapter 10: New love, new life
Chapter 11: Wouldn't change a thing.
Chapter 12: The wedding
Chapter 13: Oh how fast they grow!

Generation 3 - Isabella Hope:
Issy has the shyest, sweetest personality, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Although her shyness can overcome her, when she is around people she is comfortable with her true personality comes out.

Chapter 1: My only love
Chapter 2: Realisation
Chapter 3: Loss