Thanks to...

Here I will thank and give credit to anyone who's creations I have used in my legacy.

Gen 1, Chapter 6 - Family Retreat by polly75

Gen 1, Chapter 7 - (A remodelled version of) Hillside Wedding Chapel by rinirae

Gen 2, Chapters 1 to 6 - (A remodelled version of) Marcus Andre by mene

Gen 2, Chapter 4 to present - Coastal Living by Allure

Gen 2, Chapter 12 - Starling Church by Cabertha

Gen 3, Chapter 1 - (A de-berrified version of) Strawberry Shortcake School by AlyssumCandy 

Gen 3, Chapter 1 - Emily Johnson by abbydoodle96

And of course thank you to all of you that are reading! I couldn't ask for a better audience :) x