Monday, 31 January 2011

Gen 2, Chapter 12 - The wedding

When you love someone you'd do anything for them
You'd die for them,
and even if you did die it wouldn't matter
because you have the honour to have them in your life.
And when you love someone,
all you want to do is hold them, and never let go.
You want their smile, their laugh around you all the time,
and even if they were not with you all the time
it wouldn't matter, because you'd always have them in your heart.
To love someone is to devote your life to them,
and make them feel special
because they deserve it and so much more.
And that's how you know if you love someone.

I loved him. I couldn't stop staring at that giant rock on my finger, not only because it was beautiful, but because it symbolised something so precious and amazing.
Wedding preparations were underway. The date was set for a year away - a beautiful Spring wedding. I was so excited, but there was this feeling niggling in the back of my brain. The feeling was worry, I suppose, that what happened to Marcus was going to happen to Seb. If it did I would be destroyed.
Seb knew my worries. I didn't even say anything to him, but he knows me so well.

"Gracie I know you're worried." Seb said to me.

"Me? Worried?!" I replied, trying to cover up my feelings.

"I know that you're worried that something bad is going to happen to me. You're worried that if you let me out of your sight I'll just disappear. You're worried that you will be hurt again. But Gracie," he was saying before taking my hand, "I'm not going anywhere. I will stay with you on the night before our wedding, just so you feel safe, and you know that I will be right beside you. Okay?"
That year flew by. The girls were growing so well. Florence started walking and talking at a very young age. Whenever she fell over she just got back up again, a beam on her face. Nothing could ever make her cry.
Seb had even started to try and potty train her - and it was going pretty well!
And Isabella? Quite the opposite. She was very reluctant to start walking and talking. It took a lot of cooing and encouragement to get her up and about. I think it was her favourite teddy bear Sweetie "talking to her" that finally got her to walk and talk. I'm very proud of her - she's like a little flower that needs nurturing, which is really quite sweet!
Cameron had been doing so well at school. He was a straight A student, with the exception of a few Bs here and there. Seb and I went to his parents evening once, and the teacher couldn't stop singing his praises. My heart swelled.
However there was one sticky moment with Cameron, but luckily I had been bracing myself for it.
"Mummy, why don't I look like Daddy or Flo or Issy?" Cameron stared up at me.
I took a deep breath. "Well, Daddy isn't your real daddy. Your real daddy died when I was pregnant with you." I paused. Cameron seemed to be taking it well. "But that doesn't mean that Daddy Seb isn't your Daddy, or that he loves you any less. It doesn't change anything, okay?"

He nodded. "Okay. I love you Mummy."

"I love you too baby."


The night of the wedding had arrived. My stomach was rolling around, and the butterflies were out in full force. Although Seb was right next to me, I couldn't help something bad was going to happen, like a fire or an abuction or something.

Maybe that was my insecurities taking over, because I woke up on my wedding day, and Sebastian was there, sleeping peacefully, like the angel he was.
'It's gonna be okay' I smiled to myself.
Laura (my maid of honour) came around and we dressed Cameron (my page boy) and the girls (my other bridesmaids) before Laura dressed herself and helped me with my hair and dress.
I looked in the mirror and I was glowing. Wearing the dress of my dreams, the one I never got to wear the first time around. And in that split second I felt truly truly happy, like nothing could crash my world down.
Seb had already left with my parents and Cameron, so it was me, Laura and the girls, off to the church.
Standing outside the church, it was time for Laura to take Florence and Issy down the aisle.

"Good luck," she whispered to me with a hug, "you'll be fine."
Then they went through the doors, meaning it was my cue. I took the steps into the church, slowly to ensure I did not trip on my trail or do something clumsy like I always did.
I saw Seb; our eyes connected. He gasped a little, a small smile spreading across his gorgeous face. I kept walking until I reached the pulpit.
"You look stunning." he whispered to me.
"I know." I said, giggling.

We went through the usual - the speeches, hymns, etc., until it came to the vows.

"Do you, Sebastian Lewis, take Gracie Hope, to be your lawful wife? Do you promise to be true in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do." He said, slipping the ring onto my finger.
"Do you, Gracie Hope, take Sebastian Lewis, to be your lawful husband? Do you promise to be true in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

"I do." I replied, placing the ring on his finger.
"And now I may pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

He wrapped me up in a long kiss, the first and most magical of our marriage.
Finally, I thought, I'm a married woman.

The church featured in this chapter was made specially for me by Cabertha and can be downloaded here. I love how it's named Starling Church! :P

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gen 2, Chapter 11 - Wouldn't change a thing.

I sure was busy. Having a toddler and two babies in the house was exhausting, if not overwhelming at times.
There was cleaning, feeding, changing nappies to do, as well as my everyday chores like the laundry.
But you know what? I wouldn't change a single thing. It was so rewarding to see my children, my flesh and blood, grow up slowly but surely.
Soon enough it was time for all their birthdays - time really did fly by so fast!
Seb and I didn't arrange a big party this time round (kids + party = carnage!), so we just had a little family celebration.

Cameron was up first. It was an adorable sight watching him try to blow out the candles on his cake, but I had to help him out, otherwise we would have been there all day!
He really was a handsome young man. He still looked a hell a lot like me when I was a child - which isn't a bad thing of course! haha
Then it was the twins turn.
Florence was first, being the first-born and all. Seb took her up to the cake and blew out the candles..
And to my surprise she had neither my hair colour or Seb's. She had a platinum blonde. At first I was confused, but then I realised what colour Mum's hair was... I bet that she was going to look like her when she was older! She did have my eyes though!
And then finally it was Isabella. Seb also took her up to the cake.
She had my hair colour and my eye colour, however I could see a lot of Seb in her, unlike Cameron who didn't look like his father at all!

My little family was gorgeous though -- I wouldn't change a thing about any of them!
The next day it was Cameron's first day at school. I, like any other mother, was very emotional. I'm usually very strong, but when I saw how quickly my baby was growing I couldn't hold it in.
Cameron just said "Mum, why are you crying? I'll be fine." and gave me a quick hug before boarding the school bus.
And I knew deep down that he would be fine, but a mother has to worry!
He came home from school that first day, bounding like a little puppy with a smile on his face.
And he was quick to start his homework, although he needed a little help from me.

As the days went on, you could see how much Cameron adored Flo and Issy, even though they were his half-sisters. He played peek-a-boo with them, and read books with them without a single complaint. Just as sweet as his father was.
Speaking of Flo and Issy, their personalities were really starting to shine through.
Florence was definately the more outgoing twin, and was such a daddy's girl.
 Isabella was much more shy, very shy in fact. She liked to cling to me, and if someone would try to talk to her she would just hide her face into my hair, or suck her thumb. I hoped it was just a phase.
But the one person that Issy was most comfortable with was with her sister (I shouldn't be surprised - they are twins after all!). They loved to play dollhouse with each other, and they were truly inseperable.

One day, a couple of months after the kids' birthdays, Seb came up to me as I was doing some research for work. He grabbed my hand and helped me up from the couch.
"I need you to come somewhere with me." He said, as he started walking out the door, taking me with him.

"Now?!" I asked.


"We can't just leave - what about the children?"

"Don't worry, I've called your mum and she's coming to look after them."

"But- where are we going?" I enquired.
Seb stopped walking and turned to face me. "Babe you'll see."

I opened my mouth to protest but he stopped me, a softness creeping into his voice. "Just trust me Gracie, please."

I couldn't argue with that - I would trust Sebastian with my life.
He got me into a taxi and covered my eyes. After a good ten minutes the cab stopped and Seb helped me out, ensuring I still had my eyes closed. Then he helped me up what seemed like some steps.
"On the count of three you can open your eyes. Three.. two.. one.. open!"

I opened my eyes and saw where I was standing - under a stunning gazebo, surrounded by flowers and beautiful trees.

Its amazingness made me realise that it actually took my breath away. "Wow Seb, this place is gorgeous." I exclaimed while craning me head to look around. "But why exactly are we here?"

"Well I have a question to ask you. And I wanted to ask you in a place that you would never forget, in a moment you would never forget." He said, before getting down on one knee.
"Miss Gracie Hope, will you do me the absolute honour of being my wife?"

He brought out a blue velvet box, which contained a stunning gold ring.

I didn't have to think twice.

"Yes." I whispered. "Yes, yes, YES!" My voice escalating into a shout.

He placed the ring on my finger, and with utter delight wrapped me up in a hug that I never wanted to be let go of.
Amid all of the joy and esctatsy I felt, I couldn't help thinking "Let's hope it is second time lucky..."

Sorry this chapter was very picture heavy, and I'm sorry it took so long to get out!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gen 2, Chapter 10 - New love, new life

No, your eyes aren't decieving you - I really was pregnant. I guess a lot had happened since I last updated you..

It all started when Seb asked me to be his girlfriend offically. I accepted of course, for he makes me deliriously happy.

And most importantly, he was forming a bond with my son. Any guy who wants to date me has to get on with Cameron, and Seb came along and did just that.
He is really proving to be a good father figure for him.

Soon enough, Seb was moving in, and Laura was moving out. I guess she just moved in to support me and help out with Cameron, with all that had happened, but now Seb was here she didn't really need to stay. Besides, she was moving in with Jason and I definately wasn't going to stop that from happening!

So life was good. I had my son, my boyfriend, my house, my job.
Seb and I were really enjoying each others company - in more ways than one..
And a month or so later, I started throwing up, and getting cravings. And I knew without a doubt in my mind that I was pregnant.
Seb was over the moon, and so was I.

Meanwhile, Cameron was getting bigger every day. His adorable face just broke my heart. He was such a sweetheart - there seriously was not one bad aspect of his personality.
Mum and Dad came around one day, and they commented on how much he looked like me when I was a toddler. I've seen pictures, and I have to admit they were right!

Cameron took his first wobbly steps a week later, with some encouragement from me. But now he's started I can't stop him! I'm certain that he is going to be so athletic when he is older.
He was a little more reluctant to say his first words however, but I'm sure that'll come in time.
My bump got bigger and bigger as time went by. Soon it was the day of my baby's due date, but nothing happened that day or a couple of weeks later. I was just eager to get my baby out, to bring him into my arms.

I guess I got my wish. The next day, as I was making my way up the stairs to tend to Cameron, I felt a sudden pain. I knew it was time. I wasn't as scared or nervous as my first pregnancy, I knew what to do the second time round.
Seb called a taxi to take us to the hospital, while picking up Cameron and making sure I was all right, as cool as a cucumber.

And I walked out there, early on a Wednesday morning, with two beautiful bouncing baby girls who I named Florence and Isabella.
That's Florence,
and that's Isabella. 
Two little additions to my perfect little family. <3

Florence and Isabella, my favourite names hehe <3

This isn't included in the story, but I wanted to show you nonetheless.

Violet and Romeo have aged up into elders! I went to the library one day and saw them.

Romeo still looks as cool as he ever did!

And Violet still looks pretty much the same, wearing her surgeon's outfit all the time!
Just incase you were wondering how they were ;)
Hope you liked the chapter!