Sunday, 9 January 2011

Gen 2, Chapter 10 - New love, new life

No, your eyes aren't decieving you - I really was pregnant. I guess a lot had happened since I last updated you..

It all started when Seb asked me to be his girlfriend offically. I accepted of course, for he makes me deliriously happy.

And most importantly, he was forming a bond with my son. Any guy who wants to date me has to get on with Cameron, and Seb came along and did just that.
He is really proving to be a good father figure for him.

Soon enough, Seb was moving in, and Laura was moving out. I guess she just moved in to support me and help out with Cameron, with all that had happened, but now Seb was here she didn't really need to stay. Besides, she was moving in with Jason and I definately wasn't going to stop that from happening!

So life was good. I had my son, my boyfriend, my house, my job.
Seb and I were really enjoying each others company - in more ways than one..
And a month or so later, I started throwing up, and getting cravings. And I knew without a doubt in my mind that I was pregnant.
Seb was over the moon, and so was I.

Meanwhile, Cameron was getting bigger every day. His adorable face just broke my heart. He was such a sweetheart - there seriously was not one bad aspect of his personality.
Mum and Dad came around one day, and they commented on how much he looked like me when I was a toddler. I've seen pictures, and I have to admit they were right!

Cameron took his first wobbly steps a week later, with some encouragement from me. But now he's started I can't stop him! I'm certain that he is going to be so athletic when he is older.
He was a little more reluctant to say his first words however, but I'm sure that'll come in time.
My bump got bigger and bigger as time went by. Soon it was the day of my baby's due date, but nothing happened that day or a couple of weeks later. I was just eager to get my baby out, to bring him into my arms.

I guess I got my wish. The next day, as I was making my way up the stairs to tend to Cameron, I felt a sudden pain. I knew it was time. I wasn't as scared or nervous as my first pregnancy, I knew what to do the second time round.
Seb called a taxi to take us to the hospital, while picking up Cameron and making sure I was all right, as cool as a cucumber.

And I walked out there, early on a Wednesday morning, with two beautiful bouncing baby girls who I named Florence and Isabella.
That's Florence,
and that's Isabella. 
Two little additions to my perfect little family. <3

Florence and Isabella, my favourite names hehe <3

This isn't included in the story, but I wanted to show you nonetheless.

Violet and Romeo have aged up into elders! I went to the library one day and saw them.

Romeo still looks as cool as he ever did!

And Violet still looks pretty much the same, wearing her surgeon's outfit all the time!
Just incase you were wondering how they were ;)
Hope you liked the chapter!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! new chapter is out!!!! this is one of my favorites!!!!! i almost loled when i saw Romeo and Violet as the elderly! can't wait to see what happens next. i never expcted a baby let alone twins you glue me to my laptop!!!!

starling68 said...

Loool, thank you so much :)

Jojo777 said...

Aww, yay, babies! I can't wait to see them grow up, and Cameron too! I'm so happy that Gracie is happy again :)

starling68 said...

Thanks Jojo! I couldn't let Gracie be miserable for much longer! :)

Thea said...

Awww what cute names! I'm glad she has found happiness now.

VickyLouise3 said...

Great new chapter!
Congratulations on the girls! Cant wait to see them grow up!
Cameron is just adorable!
Such a cute little family!

starling68 said...

Thanks Thea and VickyLouise :D

EarlyBird said...

Loved it! :D

starling68 said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

loving this story so far! what an amazing family <3 on a side note I'm pretty much in love with Romeos elder fashion ^_^

Quan-Kun said...

Oh boy, twins! Double trouble. :D Congrats!