Sunday, 7 November 2010

Gen 2, Chapter 3 - Growing up

The year leading up to my 18th birthday was the hardest year of my life. Wanting something but knowing I couldn't have it was very difficult. I didn't have the heart nor guts to go behind my parents' backs and date Marcus, even though I had such intense feelings for him and vice versa.
I got through school, passed my exams with flying colours, and graduated with several As and A*s to my name. Mum and Dad were so proud of me and offered to throw a celebration party for me, but I declined, seeing as my birthday was only a couple of weeks away and I didn't see the point of having two parties.

My birthday finally arrived though. I had a big day ahead planned. I had a mini-birthday at home, just so Mum and Dad would be there for  part of my birthday.

Finally! I was 18 years old, free to do what I wanted. I opted for a more grown-up curly hairstyle over my previously long, straight hair.

To start the celebrations, my girlfriends organised a spa trip for me to get pampered and preened. I particulary liked the hot tub they had at the spa, the bubbles were very relaxing!

When dusk had fallen, we headed - along with some of our guy friends - to a new club that had opened in town - "The Grind". There was a rockin' dancefloor, an amazing bar and a stage for a band to play on.
I had invited Marcus along, but for some disappointing reason he didn't come. I thought he would have wanted to celebrate my adulthood. But it was my birthday and I wasn't going to let it make me feel blue.

So I really let my hair down.
I had quite a few drinks at the bar..

..and danced for hours on end.

I did happen to get a bit tipsy, so much so that I started to dance on the tables! I don't think that the bar manager minded - in fact he found it pretty funny!

I had an amazing time, the best day and night of my life so far. When we rolled out of the club at 3 in the morning, I decided just to go home and get some much needed sleep, knowing I would have a crippling hangover in the morning.

I was preparing myself for bed when the doorbell rang.
Who the hell could it be at this time? I thought.
I dashed to get it, as I was the only person in the house (Mum and Dad were out at a friends party), only to see Marcus standing in front of me. I opened my mouth to say something to him, but he placed a finger on my lips and then started kissing me passionately, down my necks, on my lips.
I of course started kissing him back, before I knew it he was carrying me up the stairs, still kissing me while undressing me.

He laid me very gently on my, just kissing and kissing me. The heat and electricity between our two bodies.
This is what I had wanted for such a long time.

You can guess what happened next.

I hope I didn't take that last paragraph too far!

Sorry I haven't posted an update in a while, I have been enjoying Late Night way too much (see the pic of Gracie dancing on the table! hehe)

I have a very dramatic storyline planned for our Gracie, but I'm in two minds whether to do it or not - it could get quite complicated!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and I'm already working on the next chapter! :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! Great chapter!!

Jojo777 said...

Oooh, wow! Gracie's sure impulsive ;)

Hope things turn out ok for her, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Anonymous said...

Complication is interesting.

VickyLouise3 said...

Great chapter! So glad Marcus finally showed up :D Cant wait till the next chapter!

starling68 said...

Wicked Jr89 - Hehe thanks! :)

Jojo - Yes, she is very impulsive! lol
I'm glad you liked it :)

simsjunkey - Okay, complication it is then!

VickyLouise - Thanks! Hopefully he will stick around now! :)

Thea said...

Love the party and the after party ;)

starling68 said...

Hehe thank you Thea! :)

Quan-Kun said...

Great chapter, she really enjoyed her day! Great party, and complications can make things interesting. :D