Monday, 25 October 2010

Gen 2, Chapter 2 - A disappearing act?

Marcus. He was all I could think about. I know it sounds stupid, but I couldn't get him out of my mind. His gorgeous green eyes, like emeralds, and his soft wavy hair. And his smile! That sexy smile that made me melt every time I thought about him, that made my heart flutter a million times a second.
There were no words how to describe how I felt. Just like I needed him, like I craved him.

Too bad I never saw him again after that precious night at the beach. Months, even a year passed, but he just seemed to vanish into thin air. I longed to just see his face around somewhere, but there was no trace of him. Any hope I had of us getting together went down like a lead balloon.

Nevertheless, life carried on. Mum and Dad both had achieved their LTW's, so they were mega-happy, and I just ate, slept, cheerlead and studied, the latter being the most important as I had the biggest exams coming up, the ones that define your life forever. No pressure then.

One day I was just doing some studying when I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to get it and standing before me was my art teacher Miss Wells. (Not Marcus as I would have hoped!)
"Hello Gracie. Are your mother and father home?" she asked me.
"Hi Miss. My parents are out in the garden I think. Let me go and get them for you." I ushered Miss to a chair, got Mum and Dad and started to make some tea for us all.
"So what brings you here today Miss Wells?" Mum asked when we were all seated around the table and the tea I made was ready.
"Nothing bad I reassure you. Quite the oppisite actually. I'm sure you know by now that Gracie is such a sweet, hardworking pupil, and of course an amazing artist. I have got a great oppurtunity for her. I have arranged for Gracie to have a showing of her artwork at the local gallery. It'll be a proper showcase with refreshments and music and I think it will be a great chance to show everyone what a great talent she is. So what do you say Gracie?"
Wow. I was shocked that Miss thought so highly of me, but I was also very pleased and excited. How could I turn down something like that?
"Of course I will Miss! I'd love to show my work off!" I replied.

So it was set for the following Friday. The art gallery was all mine. I was surprised at how many people had actually arrived. My parents were there of course (they wouldn't have missed it for the world!) and so was Lauren and her mum.
I enjoyed going around talking to people about my work and a few even bought some of my work! Dad enjoyed providing the music and Mum was more than happy to serve the refreshments.

Then, the one person I wanted to walk in did. Marcus. And my God did he look gorgeous! I hid around a corner for a second , just to compose myself and my thoughts. However he already saw me, and came around to surpise me.
"Gracie, isn't it?" Marcus said, smiling.
"How could you forget me?" I asked flirtily.
He laughed. "Oh trust me, I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't forotten about you once."

I blushed. That must mean he feels the same way about me! I thought. I felt a rush of euphoria throughout my body.

I composed myself again. "And where did you disappear for this past year?"

"I'm glad you noticed. See the day I met you, I was just visiting this town to see if I wanted to move here. Seeing you instantly made up my mind that I did want to live here. So I had to go back home to Twinbrook to tell my family, sort out my job and buy myself a house here. It had just taken a bit longer than I had expected. But I'm here to stay now, and I guess that's what really matters."
He smiled that smile, you know the one that makes me go weak at the knees? My eyes caught his. It was that moment, where your bodies are so close together the chemistry is frightening, and you both lean in to kiss and time almost stands still.

But just as we were about to kiss - BAM! Mum appears, telling me that Miss Wells was looking for me. Great timing again Mum. I had to roll my eyes.

I had to leave Marcus standing there so I could find Miss when Mum grabbed my arm.

"Who was that guy? What's his name? How do you know him?" she demanded. Not angrily of course - Mum can't do angry.

"Jeez Mum what is this? The Spanish Inquisition?" I said. "Look Marcus is just a friend, I met him a while back."

Mum raised an eyebrow. "Is that why you two nearly kissed?"
I blushed again. Mum had got me, unsurprisingly. She doesn't miss a thing.

"What am I not allowed to kiss people now?!" I exclaimed, annoyance building up in my body like a volcano.

"No. It's just that he is a little too old for you, don't you think?" Mum's voice stayed calm, which infuriated me.

"He only turned 18 a few months ago. And I'm nearly 17 Mum, really."

"Well I don't care. When you're 18 you can go out with him. He seems like a nice guy, but I still don't trust you dating guys much older than yourself. Who knows what he can influence you to do? So that's final." Mum said, firmly.

"But Mum-"

"-No Gracie. I'm not hearing it. I'd be more than happy for you to go out with him when you're 18, no younger. But for now, no." And she just walked off.

I very rarely get angry, but that moment just then I was fuming mad. I know she was just doing her best for me, but she didn't know how much I loved Marcus. If she did, she would have never banned me from him. After all, Mum was the original 'Hopelessly in love' girl.
Why one rule for her and another for me?

That whole experience just left me willing for the day I'd turn into a young adult.

Sorry this was a bit of a weird chapter. I just wanted to get a chapter out before Late Night arrives at the end of the week (Yay!) as I know I'll be preoccuied with it for a bit.

I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless :)


Anonymous said...

Great chapter!!! Poor Gracie. She's almost 17 and he just turned 18...let them go out mum! :) She'll be a YA soon enough!

Jojo777 said...

Aww, poor Gracie! At least they can date when she's a YA. And totally understand about LN, I should be getting it tomorrow and I can't wait!!

Thea said...

It won't be long before she's a YA and then she can be 'influencing' him ;-). Great update!

VickyLouise3 said...

Great chapter!
Poor Gracie though! I think she should be allowed! Or atleast got behind her mums back lol.

I cant wait till late night either! :D
Cant wait for the next chapter. :)

Mally said...

cant wait to see what happens next xD

starling68 said...

Thank you all so much! <3

I'm just so anxious to get Gracie aged up to a YA and I thought that this was the best way!
And I really can't wait for LN!! :D

@Thea - Haha, I guess you got what I meant ;)

PiB said...

:) I thought he looked a bit tall compared to her for kissing - since teens can only kiss teens.

One hopes he can charm his way into her mum's heart.

Quan-Kun said...

Nice surprise, and a great update! Let's see how Gracie does against the wrath of mom. Lol.