Sunday, 12 December 2010

Gen 2, Chapter 7 - Forever is over

As I fell to the floor sobbing, I heard footsteps pounding up the stairs.
"Gracie?" Laura said, concern in her voice. "Gracie, what's the matter?"
I heard more footsteps run up the stairs - this time Mum and Diana.
Laura gently held me up. "Gracie babe..?"

I couldn't speak. Tears were rolling down my face, I couldn't breathe.
I tried to get the words out, but saying them made the whole thing seem more real.
"M-m-marcus i-is dead." I stammered.

I didn't have to say anymore, Laura knew that I wasn't lying.
"Oh Gracie." Laura wrapped me up in a hug before bursting into tears herself.

Mum came round to comfort me, while Diana just stood there, numb. Her face said it all - blank.

That night, no-one slept. We all sat around the kitchen table in silence, me still crying.
Mum was my rock that night. She firstly went and made us all some coffee, and then went around and phoned every guest and every arrangement for the wedding, explaining what had happened.
Then she came and sat down with us, and sat there holding my hand and stroking my hair.

It hadn't sunk in for me yet.
How could Marcus die? On the night of our wedding?
Not even a single hour with him as a married couple.

My love, my life was dead.

The pain I was feeling was out of the world. I was hurting more than anyone could ever hurt.

After what seemed like a year, I went to bed, even though it was now 5 in the morning.
I was exhausted, and I just cried myself to sleep.

When you wake up, there is about a minute where you think everything is perfect, where it was all just a bad dream.
And then it hits you, and you remember everything.

The next day was a lot better. It still hurt, it still hurt A LOT, but it was finally starting to sink in.
Not Diana though, she was still walking around like a zombie.
Laura had coped much better than either of us had. I couldn't deal with life without her little rays of sunshine.

I was just sitting there, later on in the day, thinking on the previous events, when this huge pain stabbed me.

When it happened repeatedly, I knew it was time. I was going into labour, 2 months early.
I screamed out "LAURAAA!"
She ran down the stairs. She saw me and the puddle on the floor and went "Oh Lord."

After panicking for a little, she started to think rationally.
Mum was at work, so she called her first to explain what was happening, and asked for Mum to prep for my arrival. Then she called a taxi, and we headed towards the hospital.

Although premature, my baby was fine.
I walked out a couple of days later, holding my gorgeous baby boy, who I had named Cameron.

Everyone was estatic. It was just the light everyone needed after a very hard few days.
No-one was more estatic than Laura.

"He is so PRECIOUS!" she squealed.
I took her over to one side and whispered "Would you like to be the Godmother?"
"Of course, I'd love to!" she smiled.

As I lay Cameron down in his cot, I couldn't help thinking "If only Marcus were here, then everything would be perfect."
But he wasn't there, and Cameron was the only thing of him I had left.

I love that last paragraph way too much <3
So here is baby Cameron. I was actually hoping that it would be multi-gendered twins, but my game (and Gracie!) wanted it to be a boy. So I just let my game do its thing.
This gen isn't over by a long shot ;)


Anonymous said...

This was such a good chapter. A little sad because he is never going to meet his son.

Jojo777 said...

Aww, poor Gracie! I can't wait to see how Cameron grows up, and I hope that Gracie finds another person to love :)

starling68 said...

@simsjunkey - Aw thank you! <3 I know it's pretty sad :(

@Jojo - Thanks! I hope so too! :)

Thea said...

Awww I am glad she has a little boy, I hope he has some of his dad in him to help her remember him.

starling68 said...

Thanks, yep me too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey starling I made you something a new blog I'm starting sooo heres the link you might wanna check it out.

starling68 said...

Aaah that is so amazing angel! I commented on your blog ;)

Anonymous said...

i check back everyday hoping i see if there is a new post. i was just wondering when is the new post?

starling68 said...

Sorry I've been a bit held up at the moment for several reasons, and this week has been hectic because of christmas preparations.
I will try my hardest to get an update out tonight.

Anonymous said...

Poor Gracie! I cant wait to see how Cameron grows up!

PiB said...

Hey little Cameron. Sad that you'll never know your daddy but I'm sure that there will be lots of love in your life.

Quan-Kun said...

A bittersweet chapter, yet very enjoyable. :)