Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gen 2, Chapter 5 - What dreams are made of

We began to arrange our wedding, just a couple weeks after he proposed to me.
I was so eager to marry him - after all I was absolutely convinced he was my One - and he too was eager to marry me.

I had already set a date for our wedding, 8 months away.
I booked the local church to marry us, followed by a huge party at the beach. I had already arranged flowers, food and music also - I was determined that this wedding was going to go as smoothly as possible, so I had to be on top of everything.

I was yet to find my perfect dress, but I was going to keep searching til I found it.

Aside from the wedding plans, life as a proper couple was great! We were in this little perfect bubble, where nothing or noone could hurt us, as long as we had each other. Marcus was the perfect boyfriend, he did every little thing right. I hate to keep using the word perfect, but it's true - our life was perfect!
We were both pretty busy with our jobs, and having to look after our house was exhausting, but we always managed to spend time together.

There was just one thing though - I wished that my dad was here to cook! Both Marcus and I are completely useless at cooking, and to be honest we didn't even try, for fear that we would burn our kitchen down. We wasn't going to risk that.
It meant that we ate a LOT of takeaways. (At least we did loads of exercise to burn it off!)

Luckily, Marcus's mother Diana and his sister Laura were coming down to stay near Sunset Valley in the build-up to the wedding. And Diana could cook! Hurrah!
Both Diana and Laura were lovely, having only met me for the first time. I certainly didn't have to worry about nightmare in-laws!
Laura soon became my best friend - she was only a couple of years younger than me, but I could confide anything in her, and she wouldn't say a word.

One day, I was at work when I felt horribly sick. Like throw up sick. I asked my boss if I could be dismissed from work, as I wasn't feeling too well. He let me go home, and just in time too!

When I felt sick the following day, I had a thought come into my head. I quickly dismissed it, but the more I thought about it, the more it could be likely.
I mean we had always used protection, apart from... that one time. Oh no! I couldn't actually be...pregnant?!

I rushed to the grocery store as quickly as I could and grabbed a pregnancy test.
As I waited for the little stick to tell me my results, I drifted into thought. It wouldn't actually be a bad thing if I was pregnant - I mean, Marcus and I didn't hide the fact that we wanted a big family.
And then I looked down..

I was pregnant.

I had a little life growing inside of me.
 It took a while for it to sink in, that in 9 months time I would be holding a baby in my arms. Wow. Just wow. The thought blew my mind.
And then I realised I would be heavily pregnant when I walked down the aisle. But you know what? I really didn't care. Just knowing I was having a baby was the best feeling in the world.
Delighted, as soon as I heard "Gracie?" being shouted up the stairs as Marcus got home from work, I ran down the stairs.

"Marcus!" I said breathlessly.

"What's the matter baby? Are you still feeling ill?"

"I'm feeling a lot better actually. Just because I found out.. well I found out that I'm pregnant!"

A gasp escaped his mouth.

"Pregnant! No way, that's amazing!" he exclaimed.

Marcus wrapped me up in his arms. Was this a dream or was this just reality? I surely hoped it was the latter.

A baby and a wedding!
Could life possibly get any better?


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Awww I what a sweet update

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Aww, yay, how cute!! So excited to see the wedding and the baby :)

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Thanks :)
There may be a few unexpected twists in the upcoming chapters!

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Aww! Congratulations to them both...
Cant wait for the new arrival and the big wedding!

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Life is going ahead at great speed for Gracie and Marcus.

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Nice chapter! I hope everything goes smoothly!