Monday, 6 December 2010

Gen 2, Chapter 6 - One moment in time

My baby bump has been blooming. Everyone just can't stop feeling it or talking to it.
... and even Laura has been getting in the act!
Marcus has been so amazing throughout this pregnancy. He has been reading pregnancy books, getting me all my cravings (mostly ice cream!) and giving me amaaaaazing massages!
He really is just as fascinated by our baby as I am!

I went to my parents house one day and when I came home I found him decorating Baby's room! We decided on a yellow decor, since we don't know the gender of the baby and don't intend to find out!
I truly couldn't ask for a better guy.
Meanwhile, our house has become a hive of activity. Mum, Dad, Diana and Laure have all been in and out of our house like crazy. Baby preparations, wedding preparations...

And on the note of wedding preperations, I did find my perfect dress...

... but it won't fit me.
I have to wear this maternity dress. Ugh. But I want this baby so I guess I shouldn't complain.

"You look gorgeous Gracie, don't worry!" Laura had told me.

Weeks passed and our big day was set. Everything was ready. I decided that Laura was going to be my bridesmaid - she was estatic. She ran and hugged me and nearly pushed me offf my feet!

"Thank you, thank you! I promise I won't let you down Gracie!"

She did look stunning in her bridesmaid dress though.
The eve of the wedding had arrived. Marcus was having a stag do with some mates, while I decided to chill with my mum, my mum-in-law and my sister-in-law, and watch soppy movies.
I would of had a huge club hen do knowing me, but being 7 months pregnant we decided that it wouldn't be a good idea.

They were staying the night along with my father, to help me get ready when the big morning arrived.
I was getting awfully tired so I decided to head to bed. "Night girls."
"Night." They replied in unison.
"Sweet dreams!" I heard Laura shout as I headed up the stairs. Gosh, I love that girl to pieces <3

I was just going to get in bed when my mobile phone rang.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Is this the fiance of Marcus Andre that I am speaking to?" the woman on the other side of the phone asked.
"Yes I am. Why?"
The woman took a deep breath, as if bracing herself. "This is Dr Goodison from Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital. I am very sorry to tell you that Marcus has died in a car accident. Marcus was driving but there was an incident and the car veered off the road and down a ditch. The ambulance crew came as soon as possible and took him to the hospital, but unfortunately it was too late.
Miss Hope, I am so so sorry-"
I dropped the phone.
Marcus? Dead?

He's gone?

All I can remember is falling to my knees, sobbing, tears running down my face, wanting to just to die right there and then.

*sob sob*
I'm sorry, I had to do it! I felt like there needed to be some drama in this generation, and this was the idea I had from the off. I do feel really bad though, I hate to see my Gracie upset <3  


Jojo777 said...

Oh no, how sad!! Poor Gracie, I can't believe it! But great update, even though it made me want to cry :(

Thea said...

o_O that was certainly an unexpected twist. Poor thing and on the day before her wedding too. I hope the baby will help her through

Anonymous said...

Nice twist, but a little on the sad part. Hope the baby is a girl. Poor Marcus.

VickyLouise3 said...

oh no! Poor Gracie... So sad, and before her wedding too! I hope she can overcome this!
Great update x

starling68 said...

Thank you guys! x

@Jojo - Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed it even if made you a bit sad (me included!) :(

@Thea - Thank you! I'm glad that you didn't expect it, I didn't want to go down
the 'predictable' route for this gen.

@simsjunkey - Thanks. I had to do something a little bit sad, just to add some drama. And you will have to wait and see if the baby is a girl or not ;)

@VickyLouise - Thanks!
I know, it's quite sad:'(
Gracie's quite a resilient girl though, so hopefully she will get through this.

Anonymous said...

Awww! :( Poor Gracie and right before her wedding and birth of their baby! I hope she overcomes this. Great update!

starling68 said...

Thank you WickedJr! :)

*~Katy~* said...

wooow, unexpected! and sad :( tbh i just came here read this chapter havnt read any before this one, but i am going to listen to this baby's life! great blog starling :)

starling68 said...

Thank youu Katy, it's very much appreicated. :)

PiB said...

Poor poor Gracie and the baby to be. To lose Marcus now.

Anonymous said...

oh my :( very unexpected! But what a great dramatic twist. You've inspired me to try and start a Legacy story ^_^

Quan-Kun said...

O_O Wow... I feel for Gracie, hopefully she'll be able to pull through it.