Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Gen 1, Chapter 3 - Expect the unexpected

My life is great at the moment, seriously. I've been living with my lovely, gorgeous sweetheart of a boyfriend for 3 months now, and I'm speeding up the medical career. I earned a promotion to a Paramedic (and I loved the uniform!)

And now I'm a Medical Intern, which means I get a more hands-on approach at the hospital, and it also means that I get my own medical beeper! Sure, it's pretty annoying when it goes off when I'm sleeping, but at least I'm one step closer to becoming a doctor!

Romeo's career is going from strength to strength too - he's now a band manager! The money's still not great for either of us, but at least we have some money to fall back on if we need to.

I attempted to make waffles today, since neither Romeo and I can cook and we just end up living on cereal and canned soup! Let's just say my attempt didn't go too well.. but I was hungry so I ate it.

I made a note to myself to learn how to cook. Romeo said he would try to learn too. He avoided my burnt waffles though and went straight for the cereal. *rolls eyes*

A few hours later, I started to think eating my waffles was a bad idea. I began to get awfully sick, vomiting again and again.

I felt horrible. I don't get ill usually so this was especially harder for me. As much as I hated to, I called up work to take a couple of days off. I also rang the doctor, who booked me an appontment for the next day.

Romeo was such a darling though. During my illness, he did all the housework, did the food shopping and still went to work to keep our income up.
I am truly the luckiest girl on earth to have him, I really am.

After a sleepless night, I went to the doctor's. I laid down on the couch and she examined me. I told her about the burnt waffle situation but she said she doubted it was that.

After a while in the waiting room, the doctor came to get me to give me my diagnosis.

Fortunately, after examining your results, I can confirm you're not ill". the Doc said.
"Oh." I paused. "Why do I keep throwing up then?"

"Have you considered that you may be pregnant?"

My hand flew to my mouth. I was not expecting THAT.


starling68 said...

I just want to say that I loved writing this chapter, especially the end! :)

Thea said...

Excellent update! :-D

starling68 said...

Thanks :D

PiB said...

Awww, good thing he's supportive already. Cause she'll need some help.

Quan-Kun said...

Oh my, someone's expecting! Off to read the next chapter. :)