Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Gen 3, Chapter 1 - My only love

Ballet is my only love.
Something about it transfixes me, amazes me. It captures my mind, and at times it's all I can think about.
When I'm performing nothing else enters my mind except for perfecting the next move. 
And surprisingly, even if someone is watching me, I don't notice. 

 I guess it's the only way I can express myself.
"Great work Isabella!" Ms Fisher, my ballet teacher, praised me one day, when I was getting ready to leave the studio and go home.
"Thanks Miss!" I exclaimed, smiling but blushing also.

So I left the studio and started to walk home. After all I had to get ready for a big day tomorrow - my first day of high school.
I was very nervous - I mean, high school is percieved like a big bad place, and I am the complete opposite, but I was hoping for the best. Maybe, just maybe I would surprise myself!

And so I got home, did some reading, had my favourite soup for dinner (lentil if you are interested), watched some vampire programme with Cameron and Florence, before getting everything ready for tomorrow and going to bed myself.
I woke up 8 hours later to a gorgeous, sunny day (but hey, I live in Sunset Valley - it's sunny every day!)
I couldn't eat any breakfast, for my stomach was doing flipflops and if I ate anything it would surely come back up.
But I got ready and soon Flo and I were ready to go.

Mum came to say goodbye to us and give me a few encouraging words.
"Don't be scared Issy, you will have so much fun I promise.
Whoever said 'school days are the best days of your life' hit the nail on the head! Okay?"

"Yes Mum!" 

"Good luck girls, you'll do fine!" She said with a smile.
 We gave Mum a big hug and she waved us off onto the school bus.
And so that was the start of my first day of high school.
I headed off in one direction to my tutor room for registration, while Flo went in another, as she was in a different class to me again.
I found my room easily enough and sat down at a desk. We were all introduced to our tutor, Ms. Merch, who was really nice. She just went through all those boring procedures like health and safety and what not, and then it was time for our first class.
I headed out the classroom when I heard a voice behind me say
"Hey, I love your top!"
I turned to see a girl who I noticed from my homeroom.
"Thanks." I said with a smile. "I love your top - well, actually I love your whole style!"

The girl laughed. "Thanks, it's not that often people say that to me! My name's Emily."
She held her hand out to shake, and I took it and shook back.
"I'm Isabella, although you can call me Issy - everyone else does!"

I was relieved. I had managed to create some small talk without stuttering, blushing or even fainting!

"Sure thing Issy! So what's your first class?"

"Chemistry." I said, looking at my timetable.

"Me too! Come on, let's go! Don't wanna be late for our first lesson!" And with that she linked her arm through mine, and we walked off down the corridor.
We arrived at our chemistry lesson dead on time, and our teacher Mr Morrison started to put everyone into a seating plan. I was hoping to sit next to Emily of course, but I was directed to sit next to a guy named Luke.

And then I turned to look to see who I was sitting with...
Remember when I said ballet was my only love?
I think I just changed my mind.

Sorry about that, but I think this is my favourite chapter so far in this legacy, and I have gotten so attached to Issy and her adorable nature. :)

I just wanted to show you some CAS pics of the three kids,
I'm very happy with how they turned out!

Also I forgot to mention:
1) The school featured in this chapter and in a couple more future chapters is by AlyssumCandy (I de-berryfied it though) and you can download it here.

2) The sim Emily Johnson featured in this chapter and probably in the rest of Gen 3 is by abbydoodle96 and you can download her here.



Jojo777 said...

Oooh, great chapter to start gen 3! So Isabella is for sure the heiress? Because I love her! I laughed at the last line, can't wait to see if it works out between them :)

starling68 said...

Thanks Jojo! :)
Yes, Isabella is definately the heiress! I love her too, she was my favourite ever since she was a toddler!
Hehe yeah it's one of my favourite lines, I'm glad it made you laugh!

VickyLouise3 said...

Great Chapter! They have all grown up so lovely!
Cant wait to see what happens between Issy and Luke, he is very hansome!

starling68 said...

Thanks Vicky :)
I was pleased with how they grew up, and you'll have to wait and see how things develop between Issy and Luke ;)

Thea said...

Flo and Issy are so pretty as teens and YA's. I can't wait to see if she can win the heart of Luke!

starling68 said...

Thanks Thea :3
I have big plans for Issy!

enzimus said...

!!!! I love the Metallica hoody on Emily :O

I must get :3

It was a very good chapter(can't wait to see how the rest of this Generation will play out)

starling68 said...

Thanks enzimus :)

You can find the hoody here:

Anna said...

Cool :D I have this small feeling deep down that there will be some rivalry between the twins! Guess we'll just have to see.

Quan-Kun said...

Great start to kick off generation 3! Good to see Isabella already has a friend. (and an eye on someone.)