Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bad news...

Hey everyone. I'm here with some bad news... I have decided to stop the legacy. This has been a very hard decision for me, but one that I have to make, otherwise you will all be waiting for an update that is never going to happen.
Life is just getting too busy for me. This school year for me is the most important of my entire life so far. I have lessons and exams that will determine what happens in the rest of my life and so I can't risk slipping behind in school. And it's not like the year after is going to be any easier - in fact it is going to be harder.
Moreover this legacy became to be a chore, which it really shouldn't be.
I can't just abandon it without telling you guys - I mean, you supported me throughout the legacy, made me smile with your comments and were just generally amazing to me. I really, really, really do appriciate that, so thank you times a billion.

So... I will not be updating this legacy any further. I will of course leave this blog open as an archive (not just for you, but for me too!) but if you try to contact me through it, it is more than likely that I won't answer you.

This is why I am making a new blog (under this same account) that is basically me talking about life, or sims or posting pictures and stuff. You will be able to contact me through it so I won't be totally gone forever :D
If you want to follow it, go ahead. I would be more than honoured if you did. The new blog is here:

Maybe I will start a new legacy in the future? Or maybe not?
But again thanks to all of you, and I hope to see some of you over at my new blog.

Much love,
Steph xo


Jojo777 said...

This is very sad to hear, but I totally understand! Classes are a lot of work, and ultimately real life is infinitely more important than a sims game. I also understand how it feels to have it stop being fun- whenever that happens to me (which it has more times than I can count) I have to take some kind of break. Sometimes you have to remember the sims is a game, not an obligation or (as you put it) a chore, and the only way to remember is, well, play (instead of spending ages writing and plotting and taking perfect pictures, etc.)!

It's brave of you to come out and say this rather than just letting everyone wonder. I appreciate that you told us :)

I will most definitely be following your new blog! See you around :)

starling68 said...

Thank you for understanding, not only during the legacy but now after it too. I really do appriciate it very much <3

Of course I will still be around to comment on your legacy - you can't get rid of me that easily lol!

Bethyk said...

It's okay if you're cancelling it. Having a legacy should be fun, and not seem like a job. I had to do that to...more than once too. Plus, "real-life" is much more important! So, we all support you :)